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INI Technologies is one of the best web development company in India

 INI Technologies is one of the pioneers from India in web design and development.  INI Technologies web development division serves many Corporate, Govt. and International customers.

 Our Designs will help you and your company to stand out from your competitors with its creative and professional touch. Image optimized Creative Graphics and designs makes sure easy and fast download of your website from any part of the globe .INI TECHNOLOGIES as a web development company creates designs that are well known for the color schemes and are eye friendly while ensuring your corporate identity. We offers dynamic and database driven home pages with Graphics, jQuery and Scripting. Hundreds of corporate sites across the globe stand testimony for INI Technologies web page design capabilities.

 A dynamic website is one that changes and customizes itself, based on certain user input.
There are two types of dynamic applications within a website: code and content. The purpose of each is to automate the website for a customized user experience. A dynamic website is also easier to create and maintain than a static website.

We do attractive and efficient ecommerce websites using experienced web developers and designers
Web Portals were developed to organize and customize the plethora of information available on Internet and Intranet websites and to provide a single point of entry. A good portal provides seamless access for non-authenticated end-users until sensitive information is requested, then prompts for a username and password. Authenticated or known users, through the use of cookies, are presented with a more individualized view of the organization’s website.

There are, however, many products on the market today that are simply advanced Intranet websites that take better advantage of information known about the end-user. These portals can fail developers by requiring them to maintain an Internet website for non-authenticated users and a portal for authenticated users.

Unlike Internet and Intranet sites, most portals do not confirm to any standard and thus are often proprietary. Although they may provide Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), each provides a different set of APIs. Portals are meant to be a solution for multiple Intranet username/password systems, which are based on many open standards. However, more vendors are offering portal solutions for different functional needs, such as Athletics or the student record system.

Whatever  you are looking for,whether it's simple  website design or custom website design INI is the answer for you.

If you are looking for web design and development in India, INI will develop the website for you.

  • Responsive  (Mobile Friendly)
  • Interactive
  • E-Commerce Enabled
  • Shopping Carts
  • Reservation Engines etc.


The Dynamic websites are very springy since it allows people to lightly update the content, do some transformations in the design without editing the whole page manually. This particular feature of Dynamic website is very helpful especially if you have a large website that has a lot of pages or your website is an online store. Each day the Dynamic website is growing and establishing its name in the web. This is why many Dynamic Website Development services have come up to assist customers and clients around the world with their website development.

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