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Recruitment Process Management

Recruitment Process Management Software is fully integrated application software that manages the end to end business process of recruitment i.e. This have two modules such as web access module and back office modules. The Online web access recruitment software provides access for clients and candidates to maintain their interaction with the company. Recruitment Management Software includes the large set of reports, predefined useful templates (emails, advertisements, business cards) presented in a nice, wellarranged, comprehensive and stylish graphic user interface.

General Features

Recruitment Management Software - Client/Employer side

• Client/Employer Manpower Requests

• Verify the Manpower requirements

• Search eligible candidates in the existing database

• Accept online job applications

• Accept the Certificated copies online

• Logins for all stakeholders such as Internal Members/Clients/Candidates.

• Multi-user software with user-level access control

• Document Tracking

• Application Verification & Approval

• Short Listing

• Call letter Sending

• Interview Schedules (Multi Table - Time-sheets)

• Verify the applications/certificates

• Confirmation Letter

• Vacancy notifications

• Send automatic emails to applicants where required.

• Facility to view and print applications.

Recruitment Management Software - Candidate side

• Facility to apply online

• Allow applicants to fill applications online and send them along withattachments.

• Candidate Registration, Login facility

• Display vacancy notices online, in simple or classified form.

• Allow site visitors to search for relevant notices.

Accessible from anywhere in the world, it’s easier to manage the client companies recruitment, from wherever you are. The Online recruitment software enables you to view past applicants and build up a database of contacts for future reference. Visa Processing comes under in Recruitment Process Management. The System automates the entire workflow from your candidate who is looking for VISA, the ERP supports from the lead, sending quotes, document tracking, billing, collections and visa sending to the candidate.

The Online web access recruitment software provides access for clients and candidates to maintain their interaction with the company. The system is fully secure and protected from hacking and accessing without authorization. Accessible from anywhere in the world,its easier to manage your company's recruitment ,from wherever you are. The online recruitment software enables you to view past applicants and build up a database of contacts for future reference. It also assists in managing interviews and recruitment in a meticulous fashion.


• Secure, password-protected.

• Multi user,multi location capabilities, with different rights (which department or division can place vacancy notice for which positions and locations).

• Create forms for different categories of applicants and ensure that corresponding entries are made in vacancy notices and lists published on the website.

• Create vacancy notice online.

• They should also be able to sort the enquiries for analysis and further action.

• Create filters to help selectors sort through applications.

• Create filters that will automatically weed out applications that do not meet stipulated criteria thus avoiding wastage of time on irrelevant or flippant applicants.

• Display vacancy notices online, in simple or classified (department, division, location-wise) form. • Allow site visitors to search for relevant notices.

• Allow applicants to fill applications online and send them along with attachments.

• Store information in a database.

• View applications, and print.

• Search applications on the basis of given criteria, sort, display in easy-to-use format; convert to spreadsheet or PDF format.

• Send automatic emails to applicants where required.

• Check efficiency of response to the applications.

Candidates/ Job Seeker

Work quicker with instant candidate search and all your information in one place

• Search candidates by location and job keywords, salary and job type.

• Quick links to previous searches.

• Add and manage candidates with contact details, qualifications, work, references and private option.

• Add multiple dated notes so all your communication is in one place.

• Upload documents such as CV or ID confirmation.

• Maintain personal job preferences for any candidate and instantly view relevant jobs.

• Search jobs for this candidate and quickly assign to application stages.

Clients/ Employer

Manage your clients better with multiple contacts and communication notes

• All clients have individual contacts to group jobs by individual person.

• Main client contact has general billing and contact details.

• Add multiple contacts and addresses.

• Each client and contact has multiple contact notes and documents.

• Assign jobs to clients and view all jobs with current progress within their record.

• Upload and manage documents such as job requirements or terms.

• In-house recruitment departments can substitute clients for internal departments and personnel.


See job progress at a glance with application tracking

• Search jobs by salary, location and job keywords.

• Add and manage jobs with summary and description, salary range, keywords, job type, industry, deadline and private option.

• View job received dates and change status.

• Create individual application stages for each job to manage application tracking.

• Move single or multiple applicants between stages and automatically update by email.

• Each job has multiple notes to store history and communication.

• Search candidates for a specific job and assign to application.


Run your recruitment better with quick and instant reports

• Table reports with changeable date range.

• View all jobs by a specific employer .

• Vacancies created by consultant and summary of the current application.

• View last stage reached for current and previous vacancies, e.g. 50 applications, 20 in shortlist.

• Clients added and vacancy totals per client.

• View no. of job seekers, jobseeker profile .

• View no. of employers, employer profile.

• View no. of applications made during a period , application details .

• View no. of job postings, job posting details.

• View no. of categories.

Account and Security

Complete control and peace of mind with your Login account

• Access your account from any internet-enabled computer in the world.

• Individual username and password with email verification.

• Your password is encrypted but can be reset if you forget.

• Create general tasks or link to specific records.

• Edit your own drop down options, announcements and email templates.

• Add and manage additional users and your general account details.

Job Portal

Cloud Business Pages CMS: This content manages plug-in allows to incorporate the latest information into your site. The site contents can be updated using simple web interface. No technical or programming knowledge is required to use this software basic computer knowledge.

1. Employer Account Management

• Employer home page

• Employer/Company Registration

• Registered Employers approval from admin

• Employer Users Creation and set users limit and rights

• Employer and Users login

• Employers can also update his profile.

2. Resume Plan and Search - FREE Search including Boolean Search

• Advanced CV Search with Boolean

• Search Results listing

• From this listing we can refine the search results again by other search felicity .

• Employer and Users can save the CV search results to user CV Folders

• Employer and Users can save searches and modify the same.

• Detailed view of each CVs

• Download, Save, Email, Forward and Print options to each search results

• Employer can view user wise Saved Searches

• Employer can view user wise CV Folders

3. Paid Search including Boolean Search (Optional Upgrade) - E Commerce Engine

• Resume Search Plans/ Packages Period-wise/ Number of Resumes

• Payment Tracking and Expiry Management

• Payment Gateway Integration

4. CV Formatting - (2 Formats) Employer can download each CVs as Original Format or EMS Format

5. Email Templates Enhanced Version

• Employer and users can create email templates

• Response Manager for Emails( mail logs)

6. Job Posting FREE

• Job Posting

• Response Manager ( my jobs and other users posted jobs)

• Applied candidates list - download excel format

• Applied candidate detailed list - from here admin can change application status, ie short listed , rejected, on hold, interview 1, 2 etc...

• From the list of applied candidates we can again search and sort data .

7.Job Posting PAID

• Job Posting Plans/ Packages Period wise/ Number of vacancies

• Payment Tracking and Expiry Management

• Payment Gateway Integration


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