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iWatchPro is simple to use and collects information of availability of active components reachable on IP like Servers, Routers and WAN Links. 

The basic requirement to run the software is SNMP Enabling. Normally no additional software or agents are required to be installed. But in exceptional cases PCs which are behind the firewall may need software agent installed to recognize the PC by the Application

iWatchPro basically the network monitoring tool gives reports on

  • Availabity (Uptime of WAN Links, Routers and Servers)
  • System Utilization (Processor and RAM)
  • Applications running on System etc

It collects detailed information about network PC's hardware and software configuration and provides the result to the Network Administrator in  nice graphical views. This network monitoring software also collects information about network equipment installed in your LAN.


  • Can add devices in the network that you want to keep track of Inventory
  • Program scans the network automatically and collects inventory information
  • Generate detailed inventory report
  • It does not require any client software to be manually installed on each and every PC in your network
  • Inventory information can be viewed on screen 
  • Inventory information can be exported to various formats including databases 


  • Maximum visibility, of all assets : Automatically scans servers and workstations for maximum visibility of all assets, whether they are in the office or on the road.
  • FREE IT asset tracking: Track an unlimited number of devices, free forever, with asset inventory management in INI TECHNOLOGIES.
  • Remote access: Access all your IT asset management information from a web-based dashboard anytime, anywhere.
  • Centralized inventory: One place to view high level inventory information across your entire network, such as operating system, processor and RAM
  • Support change management: Asset auditing to support change management process; ensure your assets' state meets your expectations.

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