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INI Technologies offers complete E Governance Solutions to enable work of the office as Paperless Office, It offers a range of applications to effectively transform your existing IT infrastructure into a more flexible business process platform, so that you can continue to meet your citizen’s expectations, effectively; substantially cut operational expenditures; improve service delivery and transparency; implement policies and move towards large scale technology transformation. 

E- Governance Applications includes Emergnecy and Crisis Management tools, work flow and approvals, Stores, Purchases Inventory Management Software, Grievieance Management,  Financial Accouting, work from home enabled  for effective citizen servicing solutions.

Key Modules of INI E Governance Solution

1. Process Defenitions & Management
2. Duties and Resposibility Defenition 
3. Maker/Checker and Approval Rights 
4. Document Management
5. ISO Document Management
6. SoP- Standard Operating Procedures
7. Work Flow Inter/Intra department
8. Escalation Matrix Defenitions
9. E Procurement
10. Stores and Purchases
11. Tender Management
12. Grievienace Management
13. Revenue billing and Collection    
14. E Payments
15. Budget Management
16. Bills Payments
17. Human Resource Management
18. Finacial Accounting
19. Emergency & Crisis Management
20. Manufacturing 
21. Citzens Portal

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