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Fast and dependable network is an inevitable factor to keep pace with yourday-to-day operations.INI Technologies Pvt Ltd is an end-to-end provider of network connections and infrastructures boasting high speeds, reliabilityand performance with virtually no downtime that are guaranteed to meet orexceed your expectations.INI specializes in theintegration, deployment, maintenance and construction of several differenttypes of WAN & LAN connections. Our intelligent network security and firewall services ensure that your network is secure, allowing your organization and your people to operate effectively and efficiently.

Consultation and Site Survey

Consultation and site survey is the first and most critical step we take to ensure custom-tailored total solutions for each of our customers. Our representatives offer detailed consultation to learn about your existing infrastructure and how your needs have grown in order to help us understand exactly what your network solution will require. This process involves an on-site survey with our network engineering professionals. Technical surveys site acquisition are conducted and key statistics collected to aid in further analysis and the design process.

Deployment and Integration

INI project management experts will work closely with your organization to ensure smooth functioning of the opertaions. Our engineers will strictly adhere to a clearly defined project outline in accordance with the requirements and timeline laid out in the evaluation phase of the project. Our Team has a wealth of experience with such projects and they’ll make sure the implementation of your plan is followed down to the very last detail. If at any point you sense that the project is deviating from the plan, our top management team are readily open for a discussion.

Design and Planning

INI offers in-house design and engineering solution services that utilize results from our diligent on-site survey. Our expert engineers will evaluate the physical situation of the site and develop a detailed system design based on your requirements.

Testing and Commissioning

Testing and commissioning is a very critical stage in the deployment process, that is why INI uses high-precision testing and measurement tools to assess various technical aspects of the project in order to get you through this detail-oriented and often painstaking step in the network transformation process.

Maintenance & Support Services

INI is committed to providing wide range of maintenance and support to our clients, relieving you from any concerns about technical issues. We offer maintenance and support services that are customized for each of our clients. We provide advanced preventative measures and scheduled plans to maintain or monitor the infrastructure ensuring optimal operation. Whenevr you need our assistance our representatives are only at a quick phone call away. Our Network Operations Center based in Kochi, provides support, maintenance and repair services as part of our total solutions package for our customers.

Quality Assurance

Quality comes first at INI Technologies That’s why our engineers closely monitor your project and maintain close contact with you through each step of the network engineering process. Your project is very important to us and our reputation is on the line. So we make every possible effort to deliver outcomes that are consistent with the outlined project plan. And throughout the network engineering process, INI project managers will be on site to supervise your project and maintain that the deployment process is going according to plan.


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