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iBusiness Suite Library  management systems effectively manages asset collections as well 
as relationships with their members. 

Library management systems helps to track  the inventory. Issue and returns,
 and member subscriptions and profiles, sometimes for multiple physical locations. 

Library management systems to manage the transactions like  reserve, issue and retuns,  
 while library staffs employ it to manage the acquisition, cataloging, and inventory of documents.

IBusiness Suite Library module is a fully functional library management tool loaded with 
solution of end to end automation.   It is also support with PoS tools like bar codes/RFID tags etc    

Library policies  can be defined in the software such as issue and return of books,
 holding time management etc.   If the books are returned late,  fined according to the policies in control of a higher authority.

 General features

  • Multi-user Supported
  • Multi Location Supported
  • Work flow supported
  • Role based Access Control
  • PoS / RFID  Suppport
  • Payment Gateway Integration Supported
  • Public interface

Functional Features

  • Purchase,  Intend / Ordering / receiving/ invoicing 
  • Classifying/indexing (Multiple mode, Author, Publisher, Topic, Language etc)
  • Circulation Management of books 
  • Tracking / Holdings
  • Reminders and Notices
  • Reports availability 
  • Membership Management (Multi Category Supported)
  • Category of books
  • Inventory of books
  • Book Issue and receipts 
  • Fine Collection and configuration
  • Periodicals and Magazines
  • Stock Verification 
  • Register maintenance
  • Work Outsource (Eg Binding)
  • Budget Analysis 

iBusiness Suite Library Management is currently used by many reputed customers , MOSC Medical College, MOSC Nursing Colleges

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