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E-Procurement Management

 E-Procurement is an effective e-tender and procurement management tool. Managing procurement and tenders is a very time-consuming exercise with a lot of paperwork involved.
 E-Procurement is the online bridge between the buyer who wishes to source products/services and the seller who wishes to bid to supply the same to the company. Managing procurement and tenders are a very time-consuming exercise with a lot of paperwork involved. Manual systems have some merit but are prone to errors and cannot deal with growing volumes of tenders to be managed by both buyers and sellers. Moreover, the Financial bid, confidentiality is the key criteria to avoid malpractices in any organization.

iBusiness offers, the complete end to end E-Procurement Software Solution, which helps a company to effectively manage complete life cycle of a Tender starting from purchase indent to Purchase order through all processes like Vendor Registration, evaluation, RFP, Online Tendering, Tender publishing, registering of vendors to participate in tender, Tender evaluation Online Secure BID Submission, Bid evaluation etc.

  • Vendor Registration Process: The vendor can register through web access. Necessary Vendor documents can be submitted and verified online. The authorized user have the right to approve vendor registration. Approved Vendors will have privileged access.
  • Item - Vendor Mapping:The Vendors can be mapped with multiple items they supply. 
  • Vendor Ranking:Vendor auto ranking facility is available based on the eligibility criteria.
  • RFP Creation: Each department can prepare the purchase indents and it can be traveled through the process of verification and approval.  Based on the intends the RFP Document can be created,  in case if needed it can also be moved through an approval process.
  • RFP Publishing:  RFPs can be publishing in different modes as global, public or limited,  it automatically goes live on the publishing date on the website. The vendors receive MAIL/SMS alerts on the plotting of RFP.
  • BID Submission:  The vendors can submit their BIDS online, before the due date, once the due date comes the tender will automatically move from the list of active tenders. The rates quoted are stored in an encrypted format. 
  • BID Opening: The Submitted BIDs  Values are kept encrypted in the system can't be even visible to the officials before the tender opening.  It can't even be opened prior to the date too. On the tender opening date, the BIDs can be opened using concurrent keys of multiple users who are authorized.
  • BID Comparison:  BID Comparison features are available in the System and will generate the comparison statement automatically based on the qualifications criteria and the rates quoted.
  • Negotiation: There is a facility available for negotiation in case if required.  The final agreed figures can be mutually agreed and the Purchase order can be prepared from the system.
  • Reports: There are many reports available related to vendors and tenders

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