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INI TECHNOLOGIES provide wholesale carrier and other customers with the call services today’s expanding marketplace demands. Wee offers high-quality, cost-effective voice and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connections on a global scale. Our network fully supports the performance requirements of mobile originated, retail and roaming voice traffic, with controlled routing to seek the best options available. Carriers can achieve savings on individual routes and also across the entire routing network - where managing a large number of suppliers require significant operational resources.
This enables you to easily segment traffic streams and priorities the traffic that is most important to your business. INI’s Globe’s IP VC solution enables you to use a single supplier and a single access point for voice, data and multimedia applications, which can substantially reduce costs. You can choose from multiple access technologies including Ethernet, which helps make the service affordable for any size of site. In addition, our large maximum transmission unit support optimizes most encrypted traffic flow between sites.

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