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Private Cloud Connect  and   Cloud Storage

Private Cloud Connect : Tata Communications’ IZO™ Private Connect links businesses to Microsoft Azure and Office 365 over MPLS or Ethernet through one single provider globally, ensuring network performance. It simplifies and provides faster on-boarding to ExpressRoute for Azure and Office 365. IZO™ Private Connect is predictable, simple, seamless and secure. It connects to the top public clouds and data centres over Tata Communications’ global Tier-1 network and protects enterprise data with dedicated network capacity and high speeds. 

Cloud Storage: Tata Communications’ IZO™ Connected Cloud Storage is a bundled product that enables you to access stored data through the Tata Communications’ secure and reliable network of MPLS or Point to Point service. Whether you’re looking for high performance or long term storage, we make it easy and affordable to store and access data in the cloud. 

IZOTM Cloud Storage integrates seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, and our professionally managed services and SLAs. So you’ll quickly be in a strong position to manage the anywhere/anytime storage challenge. 

IZO Cloud Storage linked to the Data Centre and Content Distribution platform over dedicated optical fibre.
Tata’s IZO Cloud Storage offers class-leading resilience, limitless scalability, easy access in a LAN environment and with no data tranfer/retrieval charges.

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