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Van Sales

INI provides the process of selling the goods from the supply (warehouse) to the demand point (customer) through vans. This process involves not only distribution of goods but also constitutes the core delivery of goods at the point of demand.

  • Stock from the central office is transferred to different vans/branches on the basis of certain stock requests. It is essential to process the request from the vans/branch for stock transfer.

  • Stock requests from different vans/branch can be processed by higher authorities based on the approval rights.

  • After the request approval from different vans/branches, the stock will be transferred from a central warehouse.

  • If any of the items are returned by van/branch, then it can be properly accounted through the stock return document.

  • The items can be transferred to the customer (credit customers /cash customers) from vans/branch.

  • Whenever the items are returned from a customer, it can be properly accounted for the invoice number in the sales return document.

  • The collection against invoices from different customers can be entered through the collection entry. It can be in cash/cheques/ fund transfer mode.



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