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Cloud Business Books SaaS software that enables seems less integration of functional departments and business stakeholders which eliminates many of the repeated processes enables the organization in keeping the  latest edge technology platform such as mobile, e-commerce and m-commerce. It is highly configurable and extensible to meet unique customer needs. It’s location and role-based access control features ensure better security and effective management of the software.

Cloud Business Books is a fully GST/VAT Supported Software Platform that enables GSTN Bills, GSTN Accounting if purchase bills, proper calculation of State and Central Tax input credits, Generation of returns with online support.

Moving to Cloud Business Books you are getting relieved from the pains and worries on Server Hardware, Software Procurement, Implementation hurdles and ongoing administration and management of the same.  Cloud Business Books ensures the  best business continuity plans and security features that of Enterprise Class based on your needs.  We offer 99.9% service uptime and availability on SLA by default.  We can further increase the same with upgrade options of that with dual location services from difference seismic zones. 

We do also offer pure Private Hosting of Applications from certified Data Centers on Private Cloud and again the connectivity using secure iWare MPLS / SD WAN.   We can also get you VPN enabled iWare Dongles to access the applications from mobility.
iWare Mini PCs and iWare PoS Solutions are also getting made available to ensure the cost-effective implementation of Cloud Business Books.

 INI Technologies Private Limited, India is one of the fast-growing global players in Information Technology Consulting and Solution Providing.  INI Technologies is having a sound business track and client record and steady growth since its inception in 1994.

Cloud Business Books provides benefits such as reduced time to implement, limited need for technical support and infrastructure, and a more it is highly configurable and extensible to meet unique customer needs.

The modular structure of Cloud Business Books Cloud ERP makes it easy for a quick scaling up of functional features on as and when is required. Cloud Business Books meets end to end automation of all business processes in Manufacturing, Trading, Services, Healthcare and Education.


Features of Cloud Business Books

  •  Completely device independent Software uses or a browser as User Interface and that runs on Desktop, Mobile and Tab.

  •  Ensure the highest levels of performance, availability and security.

  • Even available on Virtual Private Cloud and Virtual Private Network Platform

  • 24x7 Days Support on 365 Days

  • 99.9% Services up-time on SLA.

  • Service includes automated backups, software updates, and continuous monitoring.

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