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Cloud Business Pages – is a core web technology framework developed by INI Technologies, which is the best platform for secure online portals,  E-commerce applications and mobile applications. This framework is developed using GPL Versions of  core PHP, Java  etc. 


Cloud Business Pages is  comprises of various business web applications such as portal content Management, membership management, reservation engines, shopping carts, event registration, subscription management, help desk applications, payment gateway, live streaming and collaborations, services etc.

Cloud Business Pages uses GPL Linux as the server platform that ensures quicker, more secure, scalable and cost effective E-Commerce portals. Being a mobile friendly responsive platform it helps you to design and develop mobile friendly websites/applications which ensures rapid growth in your business.

Easy ERP Integration using the  web service is the other key advantage of Cloud Business Pages. We can integrate the business transactions to the back office ERP which  helps in managing the real time business transactions.

Cloud Business Pages CMS: Content management  allows you to maintain the site with the latest information, the site contents can be updated using a simple web interface. No technical or programming knowledge is required to use this software; basic computer knowledge like Word/Excel is enough to maintain the site.

Cloud Business Pages with its very short learning curve is easy to master. There is nothing complicating about it. There is absolutely no need to have any programming knowledge  with just a rudimentary acquaintance with the keyboard, you can maintain and manage your site.Cloud Business Pages  has a highly intuitive interface. You don’t have to depend anymore on your web designer to manage your content  your secretary or anyone else in your company can update your site. Or, you could retain the master key, and opt for outsourcing, as well. You can easily edit your pages add or delete text, images, animations and tables with complete control over properties like font, color and other attributes. And, you have access to the built-in spell-checker and dictionary, too.

Cloud Business Pages can integrate your site with several exclusive business applications which enables the day to day administration of your site and make online real-time business transactions possible.

There are plug-ins specially designed for CMS, Help Desk, Shopping Cart, Online Reservation, News & Features, Product Catalogue, Photo Gallery, Lead Management, ePayment, Live News, Live streaming and Chat.

Cloud Business Pages will process information from every part of the organization which  it will analyzes any type of transactions, and provide the managers with the crucial business information, with great precision and incredible speed.

Cloud Business Pages can be integrated with core centralized ERP (like iBusiness Suite) which uses the browser as the user interface. This makes the website synchronize with realtime business process.

General Features of Cloud Business Pages:

  • Repsonsive and mobile friendly
  • Multi Language Support
  • Enables real time content-updating
  • Supports text attributes and graphics
  • Supports photos, movie clips and tables
  • Provides 100% site control
  • Simple to use
  • Supervisory editor control
  • Multi-user admin
  • Editor Control
  • Integrated E- Commerce Applications
  • Powered by database
  • Payment Gateway Support
  • Easy  ERP Integration
  • Live streaming 
  • CDN Support
  • Subscription model option


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