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iAcademy - Academic ERP offers an integrated Academic ERP solution to cover the functionalities in depth of any Institution/University/Group of institutions.


iAcademy  ERP the entire College Administration and Student life Cycle Management. Academic ERP manages the information efficiently and provides effective mechanisms for the automation of the  process of the entire institution.

The system manages the complete academic life cycle of each student efficiently by tracking the data right from the time they apply for the course, through their graduation, till they become a part of the alumni of the institution. Being a core application, it reduces efforts by eliminating data entry at multiple points, thereby reducing chances of data errors.

It is Green end to end communications and documentations online assures you the entire functioning of your organization as paperless office, so it saves the nature too.

iAcademy has the complete web portal management features, enables seamless communication between school management, parents, teachers and administrators to interact, gather information and communicate at a mouse click.

iAcademy's powerful features makes it possible to produce schedules and reports, generate attendance records, grade checks, report cards, staff scheduling, student discipline, progress notes, and more at the touch of a button. Parents get instant access to their children's attendance, grades and report cards.

iAcademy provides effective solutions for School/College Management Web portal Content management Solutions helps the management to maintain the site with live information iAcademy connects you to the schools Online community for discussions, announcements and sharing information.

iAcademy is developed exclusively to enhance school administration and student management. New Admission Registration Online iAcademy Enhanced version supports, Video Surveillance systems to monitor School Premise Fee Collections can be streamlined by confidential interactions with parents through the portal.

Functional modules of iAcademy ERP:

  • Academic Admission : Applications & Academic
  • Administration Module
  • Academic Management
  • Attendance Management: Support Proximity Access |Bio metric |RFID
  • Fee & Collections Management
  • Lab Management
  • Library Management
  • Student / Parent Login
  • Hostel Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Stores and Purchase Management
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fixed Asset Management
  • Human Capital Management & Payroll Management
  • Alumni Portal & Management
  • Placement Management


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