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Our   Global   Voice   Solutions   provide   a   comprehensive portfolio to meet the business needs of our mobile, broadband and carrier customers.  Offering  VoIP  and  TDM  on  the  largest hybrid  network,  INI Technologies  provides  you  with the services and global reach your customers demand.

Support borderless growth: We can support you with the complete solutions for your business voice solutions for the domestic and international business

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Vc IPLC -TDM Voice

TDM, phone technology based on circuits switched by venerable PBXs, provided valuable services for a long time. Everybody got their own extension, a fancy corporate phone, voice mail and sometimes extra features such as conferencing, multiple call appearances and caller ID.

It was reliably maintained by well-trained telecom staffers who knew their switches like the backs of their hands.

SIP Trunk

Unlike in tradational telephony,where bundles of physical wires are delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk allows a  company to replace these tradational fixed PSTN lines with a SIP trunk over an IP based transport network.SIP Trunk connects a private business-class phone system with a IP based PSTN.

VoIP Services

When VoIP came along, promising to run voice calls over IP networks for less money, customers were intrigued. Rather than send out a technician to move a phone extension from one office to another, the user just had to move their phone to a new jack and it would receive calls meant for the person it was assigned to, no technician required.
Rather than supporting two separate networks, VoIP riding on the data network would allow them to get by with one. If voice was just an application running on the network, the telecom staff wouldn’t be necessary or at least wouldn’t need to be so large.
The cost savings proved to be a red herring, but in the cases where business adapted VoIP, they found other reasons to like the technology. If a customer help line in one office was swamped, more agents from anywhere on the network could quickly and painlessly be routed into the call-distribution list and start fielding calls.


INI TECHNOLOGIES provide wholesale carrier and other customers with the call services today’s expanding marketplace demands. Wee offers high-quality, cost-effective voice and Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) connections on a global scale. Our network fully supports the performance requirements of mobile originated, retail and roaming voice traffic, with controlled routing to seek the best options available. Carriers can achieve savings on individual routes and also across the entire routing network - where managing a large number of suppliers require significant operational resources.
This enables you to easily segment traffic streams and priorities the traffic that is most important to your business. INI’s Globe’s IP VC solution enables you to use a single supplier and a single access point for voice, data and multimedia applications, which can substantially reduce costs. You can choose from multiple access technologies including Ethernet, which helps make the service affordable for any size of site. In addition, our large maximum transmission unit support optimizes most encrypted traffic flow between sites.