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With years of experience in addressing several challenges faced by leading players in the logistics sector across the globe, INI Technologies is well positioned to provide technologically- advanced and innovative solutions built on emerging technologies.


INI's Container Tracking Software Suite is an end-to-end solution with rich features and best-in-class functionality that enables you to effectively meet shipping requirements, manage multiple processes and reports required for your business activities and in general, keep your business on watch always. Despite keeping your business running round the clock, the solution also promises the flexibility needed to swiftly adapt to ever changing market conditions and customer needs. Logistics is the industry where the well- oiled machine of the data streaming and process management is vital. In logistics industry, ERP system enables to:


  • Reduce the inventory.

  • Ensure inventory accuracy.

  • Maximise the monthly profit margin.

  • Ship each order on time.




  • Monitor containers and bookings at various points in the supply chain through events such as empty container released, truck arrival, cargo stuffed, truck arrival at port, container shipped on board, customer billed, job closed etc.

  • Optimize container inventory based on ageing of empty/ laden containers.

  • Effectively monitor the repositioning of empty containers at locations.

  • Maintain container and cargo history based on operational movements, costs and revenue.

  • Real- time Tracking.


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