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Dedicated Global Ethernet

INI Technologies understands the need for greater flexibility in the global business market. As you add  a  new  location,  increase  service  to  a  growing  market,  or  decrease  resources  to  a  downsized  office,  your network  should  seamlessly  support  your  business  plan—without  interruption.  Making  changes  to  your business  infrastructure  shouldn’t  require  downtime,  contract  negotiations,  or  expensive  upgrades.  We believe your network should be as adaptable as your business.

INI Technologies is GLOBAL PREMIUM PARTNER for TATA Communications Ltd, who has developed it s  Global Dedicated Ethernet  to  meet your business needs today  and tomorrow.  Our worldwide network can provide you with just  the service   you need and can easily change as your business evolves.

  • Dedicated, high-performance Ethernet to locations spanning the globe
  • Service changes with no downtime or penalties
  • Flexible bandwidth options, customized  for  the  way  you  do business
  • Aggressive service - level guarantees
  • Reliable and protected network for your 24X7 operations

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