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Unlike in traditional telephony, where bundles of physical wires are delivered from the service provider to a business, a SIP trunk allows a  company to replace these traditional fixed PSTN lines with a SIP trunk over an IP based transport network.SIP Trunk connects a private business-class phone system with an IP based PSTN.





  •  No multiple physical links
  •   Open standards



  • No hardware upgrade required for multiple PRI ports
  • Low maintenance
  • investment protection



  • Easy upgrades with BW increase
  • Single port termination
  • Future proof


Technical  Specifications:

  • The SIP Trunks will be delivered through Tata state-of-the-art Class 5 NGN switches.
  •  Minimum 20 channels have to be subscribed by the customer. This can scale up to 1500 on the same physical link.
  •  Options to upgrade/ downgrade channels on the same physical link.
  •  By default, bandwidth sizing shall be done considering the G.711 codec.
  •  SIP Trunk is offered in "USER Mode" so CPE has to be registered with Tata  SBC





·         Corporate Tunes: Signature Tunes on SIP Trunk allows customization of CRBT ( caller ring back tone) through a simple service request.

·         DID/DOD functionality

·         Basic Emergency Services - Number Translation Services to divert to nearest Emergency Help Centres (eg. 100, 101)

·         Scalability on a single link from 20 simultaneous calls to 1500 simultaneous calls.

·         Pooling of free call value (FCV) available on SIP Trunk rental schemes as well to help with optimal utilization of FCV

·         Additional DID on chargeable basis

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