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In these harrowing times when COVID – 19 is wreaking havoc throughout the world  / OR while flood time, OR industrial disasters, OR IDSPs,  what we primarily need is an efficient disaster management platform  to coordinate and control the country/state resources  efficiently  and co-ordinate the services that go towards fighting this epidemic.

All Govt Departments,  External Stake holders including the citizens should have  access to the platform and requests need to be routed to the respective departments based on the nature of the case.  

Decentralized/ Distributed WAR Rooms (Control Rooms) with Centralized Control and Monitoring / Rapid Response / Multi Location Capability / Inter Department Capabilities / Team Management - Inter Department Teams etc /  End to End Case history Monitoring / Work Flow  based on the Nature of Case / Escalation Matrix / Travel Pass Management / Consolidated MIS/ Analytical Reports etc are the vital  needs for the same.

Eg. Action Points

  1. Study and analysis of countries/states who faced / facing the same.

  2. Distributed and well controlled call recent and help desk management.

  3. Prevention of virus spreading activities.

  4. Prevention of social negative impacts.

  5. Human resource mobilisation and management.

  6. Domestic production / out sourced production of personal protection equipments.

  7. Ensuring groceries and lively hoods.

  8. Supporting poor people and home less.

  9. Treat efficiently the victims.

  10. Research and development of preventive drugs.

  11. Research and development of treatment measures.

  12. Distributed and well controlled law and order management.

  13. Ensure protocols & guidelines for handling every stage.

  14. Post epidemic situations handling.

  15. Schools and college business continuity.

  16. Budgeting and distributed financial accounting.


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