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An integrated academic ERP solution is provided by iAcademy. Academic ERP to fully address the functionalities of any institution, university, or group of institutions.
The complete College Administration and Student Life Cycle Management are handled by iAcademy ERP. Academic ERP effectively maintains information and offers efficient tools for automating every institution-wide function.
The system effectively handles each student's whole academic life cycle by keeping track of the data from the moment they apply for the course until they graduate and join the institution's alumni. Being a core program, it saves time by removing the need for several points of data entry, decreasing the likelihood of data errors.
End-to-end electronic communications and paperwork ensure that your company operates as a paperless workplace, protecting the environment as well. With iAcademy's comprehensive web portal management capabilities, school management, parents, teachers, and administrators may interact, exchange information, and communicate with one click.

The powerful features of iAcademy allow you to quickly establish schedules and reports, attendance records, grade checks, report cards, staff scheduling, student discipline, progress notes, and more. The attendance, grades, and report cards of their children are immediately available to parents.
iAcademy offers efficient School/College Management Web portal solutions. Content management systems assist the management in keeping the website updated with current information. Through iAcademy, you can participate in online discussions, receive announcements, and share information with the school's community.
IAcademy was created specifically to improve student management and school administration. Confidential communications with parents through the portal can speed up the new Admission Registration Online iAcademy Enhanced version's support for Video Surveillance systems to monitor School Premise Fee Collections.

 Benefits :

  •     Improved student retention and performance
  •     Higher institutional ranking and reputation
  •     Increased revenue and endowment funds
  •     Enhanced research quality and safety
  •     Superior intellectual property management and analytics
  •     Greater staff productivity and streamlined HR processes
  •     Savvier budgeting and spending within departments


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