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Project Management

iBusiness Suite ERP- Project Management Module

Project management is a process of planning organizing and managing activities and resources to accomplish a defined objective within constraints on time resource or cost.          

Project management is the application of knowledge, skill, tools & techniques to a broad range of activities in order to meet the requirement of a particular project.            

For a successful completion of the project, the complete project need to be broken down into phases and need to be mapped with resources of multiple skills sets in a scheduled manner. Sometimes these skill sets need to be worked in a parallel track and at some stages these need to be maintained on a sequential track, i.e. completion of some process / outputs of some functions may be mandatory vital inputs of next function/stage. Mapping skills, required hours and resources required at each stage of the project is a complex task.

iBusiness Suite ERP approaches project management in qualitative aspects as well as in quantitative aspects. It enables seems less flow of data among the stake holders of the project. Skill based routing, task team definitions and internal communications etc are unique features of iBusiness Suite ERP.

In iBusiness Suite ERP Project management starts from the planning stage to ending of project like:

  • Project Conception & Initiation
  • Project Definition & Planning
  • Project Task Definitions
  • Project Responsibility assignment
  • Project Execution
  • Project work in progress tracking
  • Project Performance Management & Control
  • Project Materials Management for the Project (Optional Upgrade)
  • Project Billing and Collections (Optional Upgrade)
  • Project Closure




  • Better visibility and control over project costs
  • Increased Internal Communication
  • On-time project completion
  • Increased profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced project management costs and inefficiencies
  • Optimized use of valuable resources like man and machineries
  • Better accuracy of service-based estimates and financial quotes


            Salient Features of iBusiness Suite ERP:

  • Project Planning
  • Plan ahead of the project to make sure the availability of resources and also may avoid resource leakage & time wastage.
  • Project Administration and Control
  • Ensure Resource Visibility & Project Security
  • Manage your project resources end-to-end.
  • Define, record and track all key resources required (Man and Machine) in the project.
  • Define access rights for people involved in the project to ensure user level security and restrict unauthorized access.
  • Effectively define multiple tasks of a project/sub project in a planned sequence of execution.
  • Easily record tasks that need to be subcontracted through the same window of the module.
  • Record and track details related to project progress, resource performance, milestones achieved, effectively.
  • Map expected results against the actual results for effective resource performance analysis.
  • Identify and analyze the issues and risks involved in the project and deal with them proactively.
  • Define cost centers and billable & non- billable attributes related to your project.
  • Define project budgets.
  • Calculate overall project costs as well as classified costs such as task-wise, milestone-wise, resource-wise costs
  • Project Billing (Optional- billing and collections module)
  • Classify Cost Centers.
  • Project Accounting Consolidate expenses and revenues and record account-based project budgets. (Optional- accounts and finance module).


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