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Healthcare Industry

iHealth 24x7 ERP platform helps healthcare providers with remote access to key resources and reports for patients. It also helps the patients make informed and timely care decisions. An advanced, automated software makes it easier to schedule future tests and medical procedures. iHealth 24x7 ERP helps the organizations to easily track medical supply levels and ensure always what patients need, increasing patient satisfaction.

iHealth 24x7 ERP platform provides superior care and makes it easier for the patients to live better. INI provides iHealth 24x7 Healthcare ERP which helps you zero in on individual patient needs, achieve more successful outcomes and run cost-effective operations that maximize staff productivity.


  • Improved decision making and outcomes with integrated analytics.

  • Reduced re-admissions, medical errors and average cost per case with better monitoring.

  • Real-time patient care anytime, anywhere with mobile healthcare apps.

  • Integrated patient financial processes for faster billing and collection times.

  • Increased patient satisfaction due to personalized patient interaction and services and real-time collaboration.

  • Flexibility and agility with the most advanced, open healthcare platform.



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