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HR & Payroll


Human Capital Management module of iBusiness Suite ERP is efficient to manage Human Capital of your organization from starting from recruitment & deployment to skill & performance management.

Since the success of any business, irrespective of size is depends on its people so human resource management is an important function. There may be different category of employees as management cadre / non-management / technical cadre / own role and off-role / contract, daily wages etc. Managing these various categories is challenging task in HR Management, especially an organization that spread across different geographical zones.

Functional Features


• Vacancy Announcement

• Application Process (Online and Manual)

• Verification & Approval

• Interview Scheduling

• Call Letters

• Employee Allotment


• Regular/Contract/ Daily Wages Management

• Shift Management

• Normal Work Hours Management

• Over time Work Hours Management

Leave Management Module

• Leave Master Configurations

• Leave Application/Submission

• Leave Verification /Approvals



• Employee Master

• Definition of Grades/Positions

• Definition for Benefits and Deductions

• Duties and Responsibilities

• Service Book

• Employee Privileges /Duties

• Employee Transfer /Deputation

• Employee Retirement /Resignation

• Skill and Training Management

• Performance Appraisals

Payroll Management

Manual payroll processing is a difficult task to arrive the actual payable while considering various parameters of benefits & deductions and that varies for category to category. iBusiness Suite Payroll module is powered for auto generation pay slips, based on the Grade/cadre of each employees after considering the desired the salutatory deductions, advances, leaves etc.


General Features

• Workflow Support

• Multi Category / Grades Support

• Multi Currency Support for Global Operations

• Auto Pay slip Generation

• Wages/ Salary - Daily / Hourly/ Periodic Support

• Accounting for Benefits and Deductions

• Leave Deductions and Pay Cuts

• Statutory Deductions and Payments

• Bank Pay Order Generation

• India Practices and Other Country Specific Practices Support

• Any statutory deductions like tax/insurance/loans etc can be managed at time of payroll processing.

• System allows defining wage categories mapping with cost centers /expense heads, so that you can distinguish various types of payroll expense for internal accounting purposes.

• The pay slip is generated after the attendance is marked for that month. ESIC and PF Challans are available at the convenience of a mouse click. The payroll module also manages the Company Holidays. All the reports related to company, employee, attendance/leave, payroll are generated.

• Being the attendance / time-office module enabled helps to have proper tracking of work days/ hours. Even it can be automated using proximity/ biometric access devices.

• Just assign the employee to a salary structure and then you are ready to generate and manage payroll processes with respect to that employee.

• Wage categories define the various types of remuneration employees receive as a result of their.

• The wage calculation supports regular or hourly basis. Wages designated as salary are calculated on the basis of pay periods. If the wage type is hourly, payments are calculated on the basis of the number of hours worked. If the wage type is regular, payments are fixed according to the employee's salary grade.

• The MIS (Management Information Reports) are also generated by the module which gives the Management a clear picture about the Payroll and Attendance of the Employees.

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