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Document Management

Document Management System of INI Technologies includes the processes and procedures your organization uses as it pertains to capturing, storing, securing and retrieving documents on a daily basis especially based on QMS like ISO.

The Primary objective of this document management software is to enable the creation and control of the documents in the Integrated Document Management System of the organization.

The Software also helps to establish controls to manage the Internal Audit and management reviews systematically. For many organizations, these processes and procedures can be greatly improved with the use of document management software.

Features of iEnterprise – Doculflex

  • Roles based/Department predefined document access rights, like view & change request.
  • Multi-department/ Multi-location Support
  • Change request management workflow.
  • Document Version Control
  • MR Review process and amendments
  • Online alerts/ Messages to inform documents status
  • Document Change Acceptance tracking from users
  • Easy Irretrievability and traceability of document with controls
  • Tracking of activities
  • Prompt removal of obsolete documents and archives
  • Electronic approval & Issue of documents
  • Supports the proposed coding system of classifying records and reference documents
  • Internal audit process monitoring and control
  • Linking of records/ evidence documents / formats with document

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