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iBusiness Suite the next generation ERP software solution, allows seamless integration of your business functions, business process across the organization and among the business stake holders using the  powerful features of communication, connectivity, web access and even with the latest mobile technologies.

The full-fledged iBusiness Suite comprises of all functional modules custom-designed specifically for effortless automation and seamless unification of areas in trading, service and manufacturing verticals. iBusiness Suite is acknowledged as the harbinger of things to come — it’s easy to master, with a very short learning curve.


  • ERP Software for Manufacturing Companies
  • ERP Software for Whole Sale Business   
  • ERP Software for  Retail Shops
  • ERP Software for Educational Institutes
  • ERP Software for Service Companies 
  • IoT / Sensors Integration Support


iBusiness Suite offers different flavors of  ERP for automation of  Production  Industries, Manufacturing  Companies, Whole Sale Trading , Retail Shops, Chain of Retail Shops, Educational Institutes  and Service Companies.  Being a fully functional ERP Software  with all functional modules  it meets all the processes in any organization, whether it is Small, Medium or Large with integrated Financials.

Being a Core Application with  Centralized hosting and maintenance this ERP Solution enables Managing distributed Applications, Database  and Data Security.  iBusiness Suite supports, Onsite, Managed Dedicated & Cloud Hosting.

iBusiness Suite is having rolebased access control ensures securiy for your business critical data.

  •   Sales and Sales Force Management
  •   Customer Relationship Management - CRM
  •     Supply Chain Management
  •     Stores & Purchase
  •    Materils Management
  •     E Procurement
  •     Production Planning
  •     Product Data Management
  •     Production Scheduling
  •     Governance, Risk and
  •    Compliance
  • Project Management
  • Service Management
  •  Billing & Collections Management
  •  Financial Management
  •  Fixed Asset Management
  • Asset Maintenance Management
  •  Identity and Access Management
  •  Enterprise Performance Management
  • IoT and Sensors Integration
  • Tender Management
  •  Human Capital Management


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