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Web Commerce Portals

Our ecommerce websites are reliable and use all the available security methods


INI Web Commerce Portals  really helps to sell your products/services online.  This is well suited for pitching, showcasing and selling your products and service worldwide.  A very powerful online selling tool with integrated payment gateway will help to easily reach your products/services  to the potential customer across the globe

Ecommerce Portals have the ability to distribute, sell, or buy goods or services online through the transfer of funds with electronic networks or communications. The  main benefits to having this type of site is that you can open up an online store with relative ease and avoid some of the overhead costs of a physical store location. It is accessible to clients 24 X 7, all over the world.


 We offer multiple flavors of Web Commerce applications that suite your business vertical whether you are a manufacturer, whole sale trader, retail trader, hotel, travel agent, tour operator, event manager, service provider, photo/video demand provider, online tutoring, publications etc.

It supports online sales, logistics tracking, service management, inventory management, PoS, Mobile App Clients, Service renewal management, billings etc.

We have all business  functional modules available that suite your business vertical.

Whenever you need an ecommerce website developed just contact us and we will do it the way you want.

.Our web commerce sites are powered by the following application

  • iCart – Powerful Shopping cart application
  • iCatelogue — Online Product Catalogue
  • iReserve – Online Hotel, Tour & Travel Reservation
  • iSelect – Recruitment Management
  • iSubscribe - Membership Subscription Management Module
  • iSupport – Corporate Help Desk Management
  • iPay - Electronic Payment Gateway Processing & Tracking Software


Higher versions of our Web commerce product supports multi administrative logins with role based access control, ensures easy tracking of all business trasactions and process.   It supports barcode QR codes and PoS devices helps easy handling of movement of your inventory.    Customers can even track their consignments and report proper / in time delivery gives you excellent customer satisfaction. Ecommerce Websites

We offer you top website designs to suite your needs.

 Portal  administrator will have the facility to manage products/service and details, their rates, discounts, tracking of orders etc using the secured website admin access.It even suppports role based multi administrative access.

  • Online Payment: E-commerce is  widely considered the buying and selling of products over the internet; your customer will have flexibility to make the payment using internet banking, debit cards or credit cards
  • Promotional Schemes: You can run promotional schemes and seasonal offers using our applications.  We do also support schemes that even support the payments as monthly instalments.

  • Loyalty Management: Moreover we support loyalty points management and redemption, ensures the customer to be a repeat and regular visitor by paying him back with the loyalty points.


Ecommerce Websites Design

  • Ecommerce Websites Packages





Features - iCart

  • Specialised Web Commerce Applications for each Business Vertical Such as Trading and  Service Sectors
  • Being a Core Application it can be hosted from Data Centre Or on Cloud
  • Multi Locational Buisness handling capability
  • Multi Products and Services Support
  • Multi Country & Multi Currency Support
  • Tax Handling features based on place of billing
  • Logistics and Deliver Tracking
  • Mobile Application Support for PoS, Delivery & Collection
  • Products bundled and packged sales plan support
  • Sales Promotional Schemes Management
  • Custome Order Configuration Engine (Optional)
  • Work Force Management (Optional)
  • Search Engine Friendly Architecture
  • Social Media Marketing Capabilities
  • Product Specefications drill down facility
  • Easy Navigation and Search Options
  • Gifting and Delivery Features



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