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INI Technologies now offering iBusiness Suite, it is a collection of software packages in SaaS/PaaS Platform, which enables the fully streamlined functioning of all process in any enterprise whether it is small, medium or large.

iBusiness Suite is first product in SaaS bundle in which all modules of software can be integrated.

In on demand software solutions, the overhead of an organization in buying, maintaining application is replaced with reasonable monthly charges. The ToC (Total cost of owner ship) for usage of the application can be bring down drastically.

The new on demand software delivery model iBusiness Suite uses Platform as a Service (PaaS), which enabling companies to automate any of the department/process or the whole company process on modular way.

iBusiness Suite allows you to break the geographical boundaries in your business; it enables virtual presence around the globe.

Your office can function from any part of the globe and your executives can work from anywhere. iBusiness Suite assures End-to-End Control in each business process. iBusiness Suite is having various modules, which fits with your need and budget.

Even the core application is running SaaS, INI Technologies offers customization services of application to feel the customer that it is in their flavor and identity.

INI - Business Suite On-demand Software Solutions comprising of ten Core Application Softwares and 18+ Utility Modules

Core Applications
  1. iEnterprise - Intranet Application, Paperless office, Work Flow, WIP Tracking and
  2. Process Control
  3. iRelations - Customer Relationship Managment Software (CRM)
  4. iBills - Electronic Billing and Payment Tracking, Customer Invoice Downloading
  5. iForce - Sales Force Management Software
  6. iRetail Pro - Retail Inventory Control, Billing and Financial Accounting
  7. iTrader Pro - Whole Sale Inventory Control, Billing and Financial Accounting
  8. iFA - Financial Accounting Software
  9. iAlert - Emergency (Crisis) Management Software 
  10. iAcademy - Academic Institute Portal Management
  11. with the feature of Parent -Teacher Confidential Interaction
  12. iEMR - Electronic Medical Records Tracking

Add-on Utility Modules
  1. iDynasite - Flexible Content Management Software for websites, Intranet
  2. iDocuflex - Flexible Document Management System for ISO
  3. iFlow - Configurable Internal Work Flow Management module for iEnterprise
  4. iSMS - Hosted SMS Gateway Services
  5. iPay - Electronic Payment Processing and Tracking Software for E-Commerce
  6. iSubscribe - Membership Subscription Management Module
  7. iCart - Effective Shopping Cart Application for online sales.
  8. iReserve - Hotel and Tour/Travel Reservation Application
  9. iTender - Public Tender Management Software
  10. iVoice - Voice Solutions (Analog, ISDN, IP IVR, Call Logging etc.)
  11. iChat - Chat Module for websites
  12. iMail Protect - Hosted Enterprise Class SPAM and Virus Filtering
  13. iGallery - Photo Gallery Support Multiple Categories
  14. iLicense - Software Licensing Management Software
  15. iNews Letter - News Letter Publishing and Subscription Management
  16. iGreetings - Corporate Greeting Message Software (Supports E-mail and SMS)
  17. iRegistration - Event Registration Module
  18. iSurvey - Customer Satisfaction Survey Module


Contact now at to get customization details and quote for INI SaaS Applications implementation.

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