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Van Sales Apps


Van Sales is an excellent tool developed by INI Technologies which can be effectively used for goods distribution through Van.
By Van Sales Apps, INI provides the process of selling the goods from the supply (warehouse) to the demand point (customer) through vans. This process involves not only distribution of goods but also constitutes the core delivery of goods at the point of demand.


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 ·    Route Scheduling

·     Add / Remove route customers

·     Pricing / Discounts per customer

·     Route Customer Transaction History

·      Balances / Credit Limits per customer

·      Last / Next payment per customer

·      Information on Stock availability

·     Sales Orders / Invoicing

·      Sales Invoices / Receipts 

·     Payments Received / Receipts / Cash / Credit / Outstanding

·     Products Price Catalog

·     End of Day Reports

·     Customer Statements / Aging Analysis 



  • Less Time Consuming
  • Reduced Paper Work
  • Reduced Errors
  • Efficient route management
  • No Repetition of Work

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