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iAcademy - Academic ERP

iAcademy - Educational Institution Web Portal Management Software

The future of our country is in the hands of our children. The responsibility of moulding our children into good citizens is not the responsibility of teachers alone. It is the responsibility as a team of the school management, teachers and parents.

iAcademy is the only software of its kind which enables seamless and effective communication among the members of this fraternity and is a web based application that can be integrated along with the website of the school.

It is a multi user software with proper access controls and built-in security in order to facilitate logging on to the school portal for all the above community.

iAcademy has the complete web portal management features required of educational institutions like Schools, Colleges, Professional Colleges etc.  Enables seamless communication among school management, parents, teachers and administrators to interact, gather information and communicate at a mouse click.

By providing real-time information it simplifies data driven decision-making. iAcademy is a date base powered application that lets schools collect, manage and analyze whatever student information they choose to track.

iAcademy's powerful features makes it possible to produce schedules and reports, generate attendance records, grade checks, report cards, staff scheduling, student discipline, progress notes, and more at the touch of a button.
Parents get instant access to their children's grades and report cards. 

iAcademy provides effective solutions for School/College Management

  • Web portal Content management Solutions helps the management to maintain the site with live information
  • iAcademy connects you to the schools Online community for discussions, announcements and sharing information.
  • iAcademy is developed exclusively to enhance school administration and student management.
  • New Admission Registration Online
  • iAcademy Enhanced version supports, Video Surveillance systems to monitor School Premise
  • Fee Collections can be streamlined by confidential interactions with parents through the portal.
  • Content_Managment_System_Phase1
  • Content-Managment-System-Phase2

Versions & Features

iAcademy Versions: Academy is available in two flavors, Standard and Enhanced.

Standard Version

  • Web Portal Content Management Software
  • News and Event Publishing
  • School Calender
  • Photo Gallery
  • Admission Registration Online.

Additional Features in Enhanced version

  • Class Calendar
  • Parents login
  • Subject wise teacher interaction
  • Parent Teacher Confidential Interaction
  • Student Attendance Reports
  • Staff scheduling in discipline wise
  • Student Performance and Grade Reports
  • Fee Reports and Fee Payment status

 General Technical Information Features

  • Browser Friendly
  • Database Driven Dynamic Web application
  • Automation of date update
  • Multi user and Multi-Level
  • Highly Secure
  • Authentication and User Level access control
  • Administrative Access and User Management
  • Legacy Application Inter Connect

Parents Access

iAcademy is a valuable tool for parents to track their child's academic progress and performance. Parents can access their child's academic profile and track class performance, attendance, teacher's comments, progress reports etc. They can view all assignments and events related to their child, the school calendar and also check their child's attendance, discipline and more.

Parents can interact with each of his/her child's teachers who handles the various academic disciplines.

Parents can contact a teacher or administrator online to facilitate the resolution of any problem that may exist.

Class Events and School Events can be reached with single mouse click.

Teachers Access

For Teachers / School Administrators all information pertaining to individual students, their schedules, attendance, grades can be communicated to the parent confidentially through the portal.  Also in case of any reference it is accessible at the click of a mouse. Grading of each course can be customized according to the class, course or grade.

They can also have online discussions with parents, teachers and other administrators.

Class event calendars is the easiest way to communicate with the parents on the events

Upgrade Options

Other Advanced Optional Modules of iAcademy

  • iVideo - School Surveillance Camera System
  • iAttendance - Electronic Attendance Marking System
  • iSMS - SMS Gateway Integration


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