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iMail - Corporate Mail

iMail - Corporate Mail

INI Technologies offers reliable, scalable and cost effective corporate mail server solution using customized Linux and Qmail.
iMail can be implemented as an onsite mail server or hosted mail server. It supports offline - online features; being an open source Linux and Qmail environment, the cost of ownership is very nominal. It is a secure, enterprise grade corporate mail system. iMail is an effective and efficient business messaging solution.
iMail supports own domain based mail IDs 
iMail Solution supports Virus Scanning, Spam Filtering (Optional integration facility for Shareware and Licensed ).


  • Support MySQL Database
  • Supports known versions of Linux Red Hat, Fedora etc.
  • Global Address Book, Distribution List
  • Catch All Facility
  • Mail Forwarder Facility
  • Vacation Message
  • Message Filtering by Subject; From, To etc


  • Own domain integration facility
  • Stable, Secure, Reliable and Scalable Mail Solution
  • Supports SMTP, PoP3 & IMAP
  • Support Web based access as well any mail clients like Outlook, Eudora.
  • Support unrestricted users
  • Multi domain support
  • Easy Administration using web based control panel.
  • Supports SSL, Digital Certificates.
  • Up-gradable to licensed antivirus and anti-spam protection
  • Supports automated backup or RAID
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support
  • 99% up-time on SLA

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