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iTender - Tender Management Software

A tender management system, either manual or electronic, is required to ensure an effective and efficient process for:

       the buyer  who wish to source products or services and
       the seller who wish to bid to supply a company.

Managing tenders is very time consuming exercise and a lot of paper work is involved. Manual systems have some merit but are prone to errors and cannot deal with growing volumes of tenders to be managed by both buyers and sellers.
INI technologies offer iTender – Online tender management software which helps a company to effectively manage complete life cycle of a Tender starting from purchase department of a company releasing a purchase intend, Tender publishing, registering of vendors to participate in tender , tender evaluation, selecting a vendor against particular purchase inten and issue PO.
  • iTender - Tender Management System





Real-time collaboration within various divisions / individuals within an organization for the creation, management and analysis of the Contract Management and e Tendering process
Software can manage n number of RFPs released by the organization for various products and services at a time.
Vendor registration through website to participate in particular tender.
Role based acess rights: Various user levels can be set accordingly to manage each stages of tender.
Automated notification alerts for all significant stages of  eTendering process
Automatic tender evaluation and Shortlisting the vendors for particular tender


 To the Organization:

Master templates can be available for all types of sourcing activities to cut down on drafting times also avail the facility for authorized user can have the right to choose the particular template form for each product or service category
Administrative user can create specified template form for each product or service category and can be used when the tender is called for that particular product or service category.
Administrative user can set evaluation score for streamline the bidder
The administrative tasks can be streamlined and minimized.
Securely managed tenders can be issued to selected bidders error free and on time
A full audit trail of edits and updates, questions and actions can be keep recordically
Tenders can be sent out and received electronically via an on-line portal with or without attachments
Costs are reduced in the preparation and the distribution of the documents and the responses
Reduced likelihood of poor submissions and costly delays due to suppliers not being in possession of the latest versions and updates
Security and limited access via passwords
To the Bidder:
iTender user side vendor is given the facility for vendor registration by filling vendor registration form. Using this form vendor is able to add Standard details of vendor with the facility to upload the documents.
Vendor will be providing a login facility where he will be able to acess the list of tenders currently open for bidding and vendor can bid against particular tender
Can edit the details
Can download and upload documents against tenders



iTender light: In iTender  Light Users can access and  download tender documents,. Administrative can upload tender specifications (docs, pdfs, drawings etc).
iTender Standard :  In iTender  administrative can Publish tenders, upload tender specifications (docs, pdfs, drawings etc). There will other features like setting up tender due dates, expiry dates etc.  Also you will get tender down loaders list and details. iTender Basic will have only single user administrative login and single department
iTender Enhanced: The iTender  enhanced will supports multi department and multi administrative user access, Tender Publishing, vendors login, Create Tenders, Auto expiry of Tender on due dates etc.
ieProcurement: iTender enhanced with Vendor Login  and tender online submission; tender tabulations; tender allocations,  Digital Signature based vendor authorisations etc.

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