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iSubscribe - Membership Subscription Management Module

membership management software              


iSubscribe Membership /Service /Periodicals Subscription Manager is a simple to configure web application module and provides you with the key  functionality to help you mange  members/users of the service that you offer.

It is ideal of Membership Subscription and Online Service Subscription Management.  iSubscribe is available in Cloud Hosting platform from INI Technologies. You can configure your member Database / Service/ Periodicals details easily in Subscribe to manage the subscription.
The membership suscription management software will support online payment gateway services too, So the collection of subscription charge, managing renewals etc. become  easier and cost effective.



  • Online member registration facility
  • Member/user  subscription management
  • Member/user database details management
  • Member/user service details management 
  • Member/user periodicals details management 
  • Online payment gateway to collect payments
  • Automate Renewals
  • Checkout Page
  • Option to Invoice



  • Easy membership subscription management
  • 24/7 Access
  • Easily configurable member database/service /periodicals details 
  • Online payment facility
  • Cost effective

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