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iRelations CRM – Customer Relations Management

customer relationship management software


Our CRM solution is among the best customer relationship management systems available.


iRelations CRM is a unique product by INI Technologies, which enables the fully streamlined functioning of all process in Customer Relationship Management of any enterprise, whether it is small, medium or large. Any organization can implement CRM quickly and in a cost effective manner than developing module by its own process or buying the legal rights of the module.
CRM systems work on the principle of Qualitative draw near to business management - "When quality is increased in process level the quantitative figures will get automatically increased". 
CRM software modifies your team to track, route and manage customer support requests. As a result, your support organization will provide efficient, superior service, raising customer satisfaction and thereby retaining satisfied and loyal customers.



  • Interaction Management: Multiple inward outward communication instruments and customizable forms. 
  • Communication in time: Communication in time is treated as Primary Key Control element in iRelations 
  • Member/Customer Self-Service: Members/Customers can directly start communicating with the respective dept. 
  • Account & Contact Management: Can easily maintain vcards/contact information in categorized manner. 
  • Depth: Information made available in depth i.e. of the total life Cycle of Case 
  • Documentation: made available in process level and transaction level. 
  • Access Control and Security: Built with Excellent Authentication and Access Control Mechanism (Dept Level, User Level, Privilege Level) 
  • Escalations:  Priority Based (Normal/High/Critical/Low) through the Organizations Higher Archie after specified time lines 
  • MIS & Reports: Extensive MIS and Reports: Department wise, Executive wise, Customer wise, Docket Status wise (Eg. Submitted /Processing /Closed etc.) 
  • Search: Docket Number Basis/ Subject/ Body/ Keyword Basis


  • Increase process efficiency.
  • Help to know customer effectively
  • Decrease cost of new customer acquisition. 
  • increased data security.
  • Increased sales.
  • Better and more accurate data.


·      iRelations Basic :  Using the user login the customers can login to the portal and can access the pages.  In iRelations Basic is not interactive but in that we can provide restricted user access.

·      iRelations Standard: In iRelations Basic version of customer login, it can enabled interactions by posting queries/ grievances. The system will be issuing a reference number and the response and communications can be continued through the portal itself. The end-to-end communications can be documented.   iRelations Standard  will have multi department and multi administrative user access.

·       iRelations Enahced : The iRelations Enachanced version supports multi department and multi administrative user access with Escalation Matrix





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