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iAlert - Emergency (Crisis) Management Software

emergency management software 


We INI Technologies offer complete integrated solution for Emergency Response Management System through iAlert.

Communicate Coordinate and collaborate with ease during a major crisis such as a natural disaster, IT outage, and product recall or security breach

Emergency Response Software enables the scheduling, notification, and archiving of emergency response tests and situations to ensure corporate preparedness.

Pro-active alerting notifies you when equipment expires and inspections are due. Equipment Management that stops the need for constant checking. 

Know which team members are qualified, available and ready to respond. Eliminating the guess work from Personnel Management.

Single-click reporting and dashboard views across all your departments. Allows you to produce Incident reports instantly

Centralize the detailed records of all environmental incidents and accidents: Storing all environmental incident data in a centralized location ensures that information is accessible when needed and minimizes the time required to create meaningful reports and recommendations.

Track, record and report on all emergency response tests: Keep a detailed record of all emergency responses tests, their results and required follow-up actions. 

Standardize testing procedures and protocols: Detail the standardized procedures for performing emergency responses tests to ensure they are completed as expected, on time, and by the person responsible.

Ensure corporate wide communication on environmental incidents: Send automatic email notifications to supervisors, managers and executives depending on the severity of incident.



  • Fast, accurate and affordable Emergency Response Management
  •  Intuitive user interface lets you easily capture, manage and analyze data
  • Alert Mechanism supports E-mail; SMS ; Voice; Alarms and Announcements
  • Easy to customize according to Organisational Architecture
  • Secure Document Management design and data storage
  • Fully integrated, customizable Modules like Internal Members and External Members
  • Task Team Definitions
  • Predefined expected Resolution Time Management
  • Can keep track and manage the accountability
  • Secure, Scalable Application Design
  • Support Warm Site, Hot Site Redundancy Mechanisms
  • Powerful, flexible and customization tools included
  • Support Digital Certificate integration facility for Authenticity
  • Supports Auto Trigger, Manual Trigger Mechanism
  • User Interface can be Browser based , SMS, IVR, Touch Screen
  • Support Text to Speech
  • Supports IVR
  • Support Auto dialling on emergencies
  • Auto Health Check Routines and Reporting
  • Optional Document Management Modules
  • Support Database MySql, DB2, Oracle
  • Support Platforms Windows/ Linux
  • Supports Voice Lines Analogue, ISDN, ZIP IP Voice

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