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iSelect- Online Recruitment Management

iSelect is an Online Recruitment management system that consists of databases of Candidates, Clients (Companies), Positions and Jobservers. 

Recruitment Management Software includes large set of reports, predefined useful templates (emails, advertisements, business cards) presented in a nice, well-arranged, comprehensive and stylish graphic user interface.

INI embraces powerful fulltext searching across all databases and useful well-designed data grouping and filtering.



Recruitment Management Software - Candidate side
  • Facility to apply online 
  • Allow applicants to fill applications online and send them along with attachments.
  • Candidate Registration, Login facility
  • Display vacancy notices online, in simple or classified form.
  • Allow site visitors to search for relevant notices.
Recruitment Management Software - Client side
  • Client/Employer Manpower Requests
  • Verify the Manpower requirements
  • Search eligible candidates in the existing database
  • Accept online job applications
  • Accept the Certificated copies online
  • Logins for all stake holders such as Internal Members/Clients/Candidates.
  • Multi user software with user level access control
  • Document Tracking 
  • Application Verification & Approval
  • Short Listing
  • Call letter Sending
  • Interview Schedules (Multi Table - Time sheets)
  • Verify the applications/certificates
  • Confirmation Letter
  • Vacancy notifications
  • Send automatic emails to applicants where required.
  • Facility to view and print applications.


  • Multi-user, multi-location capabilities, with different rights (which department or division can place vacancy notice for which positions and locations).
  • Secure, password-protected.
  • Facility to create forms for different categories of applicants — and ensure that corresponding entries are made in vacancy notices and lists published on the website.
  • Facility for the clients to sort the enquiries for analysis and further action.
  • Filters to help selectors sort through applications.
  • Filters that will automatically weed out applications that do not meet stipulated criteria — thus avoiding wastage of time on irrelevant or flippant applicants.
  • Store information in a database.
  • Search applications on the basis of given criteria,
  • Check efficiency of response to the applications.


  • iSupport - Basic Version is having only online application and call letter sending with database support
  • iSupport - Standard Version is having Single Department and Single Admin user with full-fledged Recruitment Management, Candidate Selection Procedures.
  • iSupport Enhanced Version is having Multi Admin Dept and Multi Admin users’ login, work flow, Candidate Selection Procedures & Document tracking. 


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