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iEnterprise - Intranet Application, WIP Tracking and Process Control


Intranet Application


Check out the features and benefits of iEnterprise the tracking and process control intranet application.

Whether your firm is paper driven or paperless, moving work through your office using paper files or routing sheets inhibits efficient workflow. iEnterprise is the only solution that automates your workflow to solve this problem — making your firm more efficient, productive, and profitable.
iEnterprise intranet application replaces the inefficiency and burden of  manual process of moving paper files through the office and centralizes important task information typically housed in disparate applications, paper files, and sticky notes - eliminating countless non-billable hours chasing returns or looking for files. 
With iEnterprise, you’ll gain immediate productivity increases that can be turned into more billable hours and higher profits for your firm.
Firms of all sizes use iEnterprise as a strategic management tool to increase efficiency and improve customer service.





  • Personal Workload Management
  • Process Control and Standardization
  • Simplified Project Management
  • Complete Workflow Automation
  • Centralized Knowledge Management and Storage
  • Enhanced Client Service.
  • Firm-Wide Resource Management
  • Search the contents of the entire repository in seconds
  • Grant access based on user premises
  • Multi-user environment
  • Wide variety of reports
  • Tracking of tasks
  • Management of contact
  • Email marketing and reporting
  • Shared communications and calendar
  • Data back up


  • Security
  • Central Document Repository
  • Cost Savings
  • Process Consistency
  • More Compact and Efficient
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Tracking of Task 
  • Management of Contact
  • Shared Communication and Calendar

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