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Internet leased line provide efficient and continuous connectivity to communicate and operate over internet based on business requirements.  Our lease line connect on a dedicated line, guaranteeing constant bandwidth paving the way for reliable high-speed communication.  When compared with shared internet lines that cause inefficiencies during multiple user access,  Internet Leased Line service, delivered over fiber, provides error free content, symmetrical speeds, full-duplex providing you with dedicated bandwidth assuring a complete reliable high-speed communication and collaboration with service level agreements.



A.  Specifications of Premium ILL ( Premium Internet Leased Line )

  • Uptime 99.5%
  • Latency assured on SLA 290ms
  • Latency on practical 250 to 260ms
  • Throughput 100% 1:1
  • Packet Drop <0.1%
  • Support 24x7 Onsite
  • Interface Ethernet


B.  Specifications of Standard ILL (Standard Internet Leased Line)

  • Latency: Less than 325 ms on SLA  but in practical Less than 300ms to US
  • Up time: Greater than 99% on SLA
  • Packet Loss: Less than 0.5%
  • Support: 24/7 Onsite
  • Termination: Ethernet
  • Throughput: 100% 1:1

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